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Outflow from Lake Herrick
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Outflow of Lake Herrick, 31 January 2008; Copyright 2008 Josh Cheek

Lake Herrick is a large impoundment attached to the Recreational Sports Fields at the corner of East Campus Road and College Station Road. The lake and adjacent Oconee Forest Park are on land manged by the College of Forestry.

The outflow from the dam is a very narrow stream that runs about 50 feet through mowed land before running into a wall of Privet. The margins of the stream are mowed, leaving behind small Privets, some Blackberrys and a reasonable number of wetland species. There is no evidence of any attempt to improve the site.

The site is not that far removed from parking lots, roads, and from trails used by joggers. A modest amount of work could improve its wetland character and make it into a small rest stop and picnic area. Pulling Privet, stabilizing the margins, defining the mower boundaries, and installing tables would be a reasonable start. Active management of its plants could also turn it into an educational site. Additional improvements could include access to all of the stream on Forestry property and remodeling the stream margins to increase the size of the wetland.

Code Subject Update
3.01 Herrick Outflow Site 02/17/2008
2.11    Aerial Photo of S01 and Herrick Outflow; MapQuest: Drew Kaiser 02/17/2008
2.21    Campus Plan for the Area including S01 and Herrick Outflow Sites: Drew Kaiser 02/17/2008
3.31    Images of Herrick Outflow: Hugh Cheek, Emily Amoni 02/17/2008

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